ONE on ONE Private Yoga

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ONE on ONE Private Yoga


Practice at the comforts of your office or home. The next 60 minutes is for you. With different classes integrated with your personal practice, you are sure to leave your class feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Sample Classes:

Beginners Flow – fit for beginners or individuals new to yoga. This class is designed to strengthen, stretch, tone and relax the entire body.

Deep Flow – passive yoga postures increasing flexibility as each movement strengthens and relaxes the body.

Sunny Flow – designed to master the foundation postures of yoga.

Power Flow – renew and rejuvenate influenced with yoga movement. This class is focused on endurance as you build and develop flexibility.

Fast Flow – based on Ashtanga Primary Series, this class requires deep connection with breath. Moving with each breath through a series of deep stretch yoga postures.

We are glad that you are taking time for you. As what we discovered, the path to selflessness is thru selfishness.


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Focusing on alignment, stabilization and movement - a practice that is based on quality vs. quantity. Start transforming your body through movement, staying present through the awareness of breath and to keep still in silence.

ALL classes are for individuals who are new to yoga to intermediate level.