Is one on one private class right for you?

Have you ever felt more stressed or agitated leaving a group fitness class? Feeling totally the opposite of why you came to class in the first place?

Although there are benefits to participating in group fitness classes but if you are the type who likes to move at your own pace and maybe has a different expectation each time you attend a group class – then doing private classes might be the right fit for you.

One on one training helps with your unique requirements. Tailoring your work out plan or yoga classes to suit needs and requests. image: assisted yoga pose, props are helpful tools in posture modification. Props are provided during sessions.

One on one training helps with your unique requirements. Tailoring your work out plan or yoga classes to suit needs and requests. image: assisted yoga pose, props are helpful tools in posture modification. Props are provided during sessions.

10 Benefits of one on one training.

1.     Personalized workout/practice. There is no guarantee everyone will be on the same level when participating in group fitness classes. With one on one – you get the teacher’s full attention rather than needing to compete with other students and their needs. Teachers create workout plans based on the goals you want to achieve. Plans are tailored to suite your needs, current physical capacity, and medical background.

2.     Instruction. Everyone is unique. Each person’s stability and alignment differ from one person to another. Your threshold may not be the same as the person beside you in the group class – though classes taught are generally appealing to the majority. Private one on one classes provide you coaching through all the exercises or forms. Learning how to perform exercises the right way reduces your risk of injury and increases the movement’s efficacy. Techniques and postures are corrected as you practice each set reducing mistakes and maximizing the benefits of each exercise.

3.     Accountability. If you lack self-motivation, discipline, or commitment – working with a trainer one on one may be the key to achieving your fitness goals. Holding you to actions that will help your fitness or practice to the next level. Your trainer is accountable for your success and your accountable to show up each time – creating a synergistic relationship where it benefits everyone. Given the classes are tailored to fit your needs, achieving your fitness goal may be closer than you think. With proper guidance coupled with energy boosting cheers, the possibilities are endless.

4.     Flexibility. Having mentioned Point 1 *Personalized workout – your sessions are not only tailored to your needs but also personalized to suite your schedule. Time is of the essence and with luck, your trainer understands and respects both you and his/her time. This also applies to your fitness level – when feeling plateaued on your workout regime and exercises seem inefficient, trainers take that as a challenge for you not to be bored. Classes may be switched dependent on location as well, perhaps the mood of where you are mentally. Classes are never alike. Variations are key with trainers’ execution. Adaptability is on hand when required.

5.     Efficiency. With one on one, no distraction, undivided attention you are assured each session uses your physical capacity, pushing your mental ability and testing your threshold every time. No time wasted reaping maximum results and benefits. This has to be the one of the many reasons in considering one on one private sessions. Fitness goals achievement is guaranteed and accelerated at best.

6.     It’s educational. With nutrition and lifestyle playing an essential role in the overall picture, it is much easier to achieve fitness goals when there is a deep understanding on what goes with what. Exercising or your practice is only a part of the whole gamut of wellness. When all played harmoniously, seeing positive results are inevitable. There are many cases of people getting injured from performing ill from exercises. Having someone professionally trained to help you execute postures properly with succession, allowing best results in the time allotted for training. Injuries due to ill form can present itself with a long-term problem.

7.     Helping with unique requirements. Everyone’s abilities, capacities, and requirements are different when it comes to exercise. Trainers who understand the process of motion consider your physical attributes from endurance, vitality and strength to name a few. Pacing is another key element to helping you maximize the benefit of each session. Not everyone is made the same, some may have physical challenges but have the mental ability to push through or the reverse. Being with a personal trainer allows you to shine at your best and have a cheerleader when you need it the most.

8.     Nurturing good habits. It takes 21 days to introduce a new habit and only takes seven to break one. Needless to say – it will take work and every ounce of discipline to keep on track. Trainers and or teachers are aware of this fact and understands doing it on your own is hard work! Motivation comes easier when you have a cheerleader who constantly remind you of your winning abilities. Championing together in achieving your fitness goals.

9.     Location location location. Regardless of whether the only time you have available is at a ridiculous early hour before work, on your lunch break, mid-day before you get inundated with messages asking what’s for dinner – YOGA @MyDomingo private classes are designed to help you get that work out or practice in. Classes are designed to meet you, your mat and your needs wherever, whenever. Understanding not everyone enjoys the gym atmosphere or the intimidated look of a yoga studio. Private classes bring you the tools and attention to create each class as intense or relax – imagine having your own fitness dial with every class.

10.  Additional healing through listening. Private classes are exactly that: Private. As you get closer in achieving your fitness goals, you are also building a dependable relationship with your teacher or trainer. Dependable relationship may present itself as a sounding board or as far as becoming each other’s confidant. Sharing stories and experiences, how your week has been, what’s currently happening, to showing up to class with a heavy heart. It is an industry norm to consider your trainers and teachers your “thought dump site”. Providing clarity each time a class is finished. With no judgements on your thoughts and opinions.

Private classes require a trainer / teacher’s ability to serve customers/clients/students with ease and confidence. Delivering results by identifying common interests and building a foundation of “SMART” (specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, timely) goals.

*teachers = trainers and vice versa