Why @MyDomingo - Social Media Handles Explained.

Years ago I met the two most inspired women I know - circa 2008.


A decade later, @mydomingo is not only the primary handle I have for social media but also a catch phrase I use when asked what my hand is. “Every body can use a little MyDomingo in their lives!” Now what exactly do I mean by this?

First we go back circa 2008 when I first ventured into becoming a personal stylist/shopper/dresser - at this time, I was naive and very new to Canada. As you may have heard, I was raised in the Philippines until the mature age of 21. So here is my 24 year old self giving advise to these two lovely women who got me drunk on my first intro session with them. I have gone a long way since then *disclaimer - I will get tipsy and not drunk (with the amount what we drank).

These two women made me feel safe, made me feel love and most importantly made me feel that two women at their age can live together and raise a family. I was fairly new in Canada and never have I seen not along experience a love like I saw the night.

Fast forward to a dinner they took me to celebrate a new gig they got *as they were self employed - they celebrated their success with me. It would not have been as seamless as it was if not for my help - as what she said. Ha! Shout out to dressing for success - my corny tagline back when.

A few drinks later, Lady A said to Lady B - how can we make make this happen for Domingo? The fact (self promoting myself here… based on what they said) he was none judgmental, took pride on his work, great work ethic *aside from the night they got me wasted - really I am blaming them for that incident.

Until today, I can still remember how I looked at both of them as we drank our last glass. It was in Teatro Restaurant - soft music was in the background, beautiful staff parading bringing in food from the kitchen, the low lights and high lights inside the building, the glare of street lights you glimpse from the inside, Lady B then said, you are like a gem who I could keep for life. A little my domingo in my purse. As I gulp my last libation, I responded, “I guess - everyone can have a little bit of my domingo in their lives!”

And so here we have it - a little quirky, super gay, super formal, the good, bad and ugly character though out the history of my being - shared into platforms to find connection via the www. But mainly touched two women who have a non fairy tale story - divorced with kids and found each other again after years of un pursued love connection.

I am every grateful to Lady A and B. To this day - I am grateful.

What about you? How did you come up with your social media handles?

I’m curious,