Shrooms | Cooking with Enokitake

To start the week right, I thought I would boil some water with sodium aka soup to replenish what the sun and the festivities took out of me last week - The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth = Calgary Stampede.

I got inspired after all salute to history at last week's Calgary Stampede. Always curious how to cook enoki mushrooms - here is what I found out.

1.) Just like any mushrooms, enokitake [Japanese] is best sautéd.

2.) Can be eaten raw.

3.) Best paired with sesame oil.

PS: tried the shrooms with some broth and vegetarian balls - love love loved it.



Serving Suggestion : Eat @mydomingo Enoki Ramen Noodles

Serving Suggestion : Eat @mydomingo Enoki Ramen Noodles