A world's local.

e a t  |  b r e a t h  |  m o v e  |  s i l e n c e

Enrich, live, breathe, smile, happiness, excel, love, be free, be love, eat, travel, be hungry, be fed, find space, expand, be passive, be aggressive, slow down, jump, question, assess, feel, and be felt.

Words that describes where I want you (my readers) to experience. As I always say, everyone can take a piece of @mydomingo . May it be in recipes passed on to me by my mother *passed on to her by her mother and as you can see the pattern - passed on to her by my great grandmother or the places I have experienced, foods I have tasted, wines I have sipped and realizations I have uncovered, felt and reflected upon. Throughout all these experiences, my wish is to humbly share. I believe that we are all one. Oneness needs not to be associated with loneliness. We might be on our own but we are never alone. 

I speak from my heart as I share to you my passion and love for cooking, travel, music, fashion, and following the mystic path of yoga.

Namaskara; I bow to you,


e a t  |  b r e a t h  |  m o v e  |  s i l e n c e