The magic of icebox - growing up in the Philippines, I have always been so fascinated with how cool refrigeration works! Ahh the wonders of the world!

Now let's take that frozen meat and do something!

I am committed to push your palate and make you experience the magic of food that's from your own fridge. It doesn't have to be fresh to be gourmet - it doesn't have to organic to be cool - all you need is an understanding of taste and the courage to try new flavours.

I always eat with my eyes open - don't you? 

Let's combine food with fashion and see where it takes us! Let's discover your icebox magic experience together!

All posts on this site are my very own. All experiences shared are real and will always be! I am sharing my passion - the passion for food, fashion, vino and the mystic life of Yoga.

This site is not meant to be offensive but if you are - I am sorry ...

Not sorry,


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