I am highly trained in sales and very good at it – have experienced managing people and businesses with great success. Had opportunities and worked in fields I have the most  passion on - education, fashion, sales and marketing.

I have even tried to pursue my food passion which brought my journey to become one of the finalist for MasterChef Canada

As a person that never stops growing, there was something missing - then I found yoga. After six years of practice, I finally decided to take my own advise in becoming a yoga teacher. The travel and training in India was not only an eye-opening experience it also deepened my spiritual health and confirmed my desire to help others cultivate themselves in achieving their highest potential in fitness and health.

Food Brokerage and Yoga Teaching are two things that keep me busy. If you would like an experience with me cooking at your home or my on-demand private yoga sessions practicing at the discretion of your personal space for a personal practice - be sure to drop me a line. Visit my CONTACT page for details.


e a t  |  m o v e  |  b r e a t h  |  s i l e n c e

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food lover & yoga teacher

My thoughts on Yoga, shared with my sister on a letter... "I knew I was always religious, didn't realized that I would be so religious with something that is not religion."